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The summer of Bodaciousness has begun!  The release of the Bad Girl EP means 5 hot jamz to blast through your stereo!

First is the summer anthem Bad Girl.  Whether it’s in your boombox at the beach or BBQ, or cruisin’ in your car, Bad Girl goes out to all the bodacious babes out there… you know who you are.

Next is Too Cool, a song using samples from the girl’s slumber-party board game “Dream Phone” where you guess which hunk has a crush on you by calling boys on a giant pink talking telephone.  And from the sound of it… He looks cool in whatever he wears.

Then there’s Drugs Sex Sensation, an epic old school rave anthem that uses samples from 90′s news reports about raves.  ”First Our Top Story, Deadly Teenage Orgies of SEX and BOOZE called RAVES!”… “This is the ultimate zoo for SERIOUS party animals!”… Yeah, that’ll steer the kids away…

Slow jams don’t have to be soft.  Using the amazing analog goodness of the FutureRetro 777 bassline synthesizer, Make That Move becomes the hardest slow jam ever created.  Combining ultra-glitched samples from Shalamar and sexy BNR vox, this song will seduce you until the aural pleasure comes to a boiling point and you scream “YES! YES!”.  Hold on to your panties…

NOW IT’S TIME TO ROCK!  Bad Girls are one thing… But Werebabes are REAL trouble.  These seemingly nerdy chicks transform in to bodacious babes with an appetite for partying and boys during a full moon.  Talk about a party animal, this girl will eat you alive… or if you’re lucky she’ll just bite you and you’ll forever be a Weredude!… “Evil in high heels, come and bite me soon… I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT FULL MOON!!!”

BadNraD “Bad Girl EP” release promo VIDEO!!!


COMING SOON!!!  BadNraD’s Bad Girl EP….5 hottNfresh jamz4u.  Take it away, Shnozz!

Video Flyer for the release of BadNraD’s new Bad Girl EP featuring the most rad-iculous rude dude on the block, Shnozz Toxic! Kick back and relaxx as Shnozz gives you a sneak peak at the new jamz!
CALLING ALL BNR FANNNNZ: BadNraD needs your help… request “Bad Girl” on 89.3 the Current here:

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THEN GET YOUR ASS DOWN TO FIRST AVENUE in the 7th Street Entry June 10th for the Bad Girl EP release party!!!!!  Local TV rad-squad, FREAKY DEEKY, and bodacious band boyz, Retrospecs, will be performing along with gorgeous go go girlz of Bass Kandi…!!! SO stay tuned for more TBA festivities like UV/blacklight facepainting ;)  There will be new BadNraD merch available (BNR shirts and Bad Girl shorts for the ladies) and of course … the new EP! See ya there!!!

TOP SECRET: Rumor has it, if you bring a Dream Phone to the show you get a FREE copy of the new EP!!! Like TOTALLY… OMG!!!