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Multi-instrumentalist and hybrid DJ, producer and performer BadNraD has become a fixture of the Minneapolis electronic music scene with his unique synth-heavy sound. Majestic vocals and epic harmonies float atop intoxicating melodies and body-moving bass lines. His work running the gamut from bright, funky and energetic to dark, deep and intense, there’s always a surprise in store for the listener.

He’s a regular on MPR’s “The Current” radio and KFAI, and his eclectic style has him opening for such musical luminaries as EOTO, Woody McBride and Darksiderz. BadNraD has rocked the dance floor in the famed First Avenue main room on several unforgettable occasions and was also featured in their Best New Bands showcase.  Summer Fest, Bella Music Festival, and Bassgasm are just some of the massive Midwest events to experience BNR at his best… In front of huge crowds and behind huge sound systems.

His latest release “Deep End” (courtesy of Last Triumph Records) is a seven-track feast for the ears with a sensual, funky and pulse-pounding array of neo-retro pop/dance fusion reminiscent of the best music of the late 80’s and early 90’s, topped off with a contemporary twist. Emotional, vivid and rhythmically intense, “Deep End” is the ultimate aural tonic for those who like their music sexy, hip and innovative.